Realtors policy

We offer Real Estate Agents a selling fee of 3% on each home.  The amount is specific to that home and you can find that in the details for each home.  We do not require the realtor to accompany a home buyer on a home tour although you are welcome to go along.  All home tours are by appointment and a company representative will host every tour. 

In order to qualify for the referral fee, a Real Estate Agent must send an email to with the name of the prospective buyer in the subject line prior to the buyer contacting our company.  Once the email is sent, the buyer must contact us within 30 days of the email.  All referral fees will be paid at closing provided the process is followed and the buyer ends up buying the home.

If a Real Estate Agent wants to tour the home, either with or without customers let the office know your Real Estate License Number when making an appointment. 

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